FLORENCE - Prosperity and Peace

Florence is a gold land with splendid architecture in the series of real estate projects of Phuc Hung Holdings. Florence is selected by many residents and domestic and international investors as their residence and investment because of its special intangible and tangible attraction. As shown in the message of Florence - Prosperity and peace, this sacred land with extraordinary people and wonderful Italian architecture has become the symbol of a beautiful, prosperous, bright, peaceful and happy life.


Covering 9,976m2, 3 basements, 25 floors and 64,613m2 as total floor area, Florence high-rise apartment building has 480 apartments, each covering 75m2 to 124m2.

Florence is a perfect living space under international standard, designed by Finenco Architects (Italy), one of the world’s leading designers.

Florence multipurpose tower is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Basement block including 3 floors, serving as Service - Trade - Office area.
  2. Body block including 21 floors with apartments.
  3. Roof block including 1 floor for technical purposes.


Reconstituting a European space inside Hanoi, the Tower design concept is inspired by architectural style of Renaissance - a peak neoclassical style first developed in Florence - Italy.

+ Observing architectural principles - vigorous and clear blocks and lines.

+ Adopting neoclassical architecture for high-rise buildings.

+ Observing vertical complex principles that have been used historically.

+ Horizontal percentiles divide the building into 3 parts: Base, body and peak.

+ Vertical percentiles with upward straight lines are vigorous, clear and coherent.

Garden yard landscape design concept is inspired by Iris, a noble flower, a symbol of Florence city.

With all advantages of a smart, sophisticated and beautiful architectural style, Florence is not only a building but also an important part in the wonderful life of owners.



1. Objective of development: To become a leading quality contractor in Vietnam a prestigious real estate investor.

2. Mission of Phuc Hung: Mission of Phuc Hung is to bring about better life quality for all members in the system, contribute to the community and the society by Phuc Hung products and culture!

3. Message from the Chairman of the Management Board: Each member of Phuc Hung must always have good sense of trying and learning to improve their perception and qualifications, always be active and passionate to master their work, always be helpful to each other to create joint strength for making Phuc Hung more powerful in the direction of standardization and modernization so that all members of Phuc Hung can always feel confident and proud to say: We are Phuc Hung!

4. Field of business:

- Civil and industrial construction: realizing general design and construction contract for Civil buildings - High-rise buildings - Apartment buildings, offices and hotels - Factories and industrial parks projects;

- Real estate investment: apartment building and urban area projects mainly in big cities of Vietnam.

Employer: My Xuan - Hanoi Housing Joint Stock Company (member of Phuc Hung Holdings)

Financial sponsor: VPBank

General contractor: Phuc Hung Holdings

Design consultant: Finenco Architects (Italy) / VNCC / IB

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FLORENCE ở mặt tiền phố lớn, số 28 Trần Hữu Dực - tuyến phố đẹp và phát triển bậc nhất Mỹ Đình, Hà Nội.
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Thu hút cộng đồng dân trí cao, Florence tạo dựng những giá trị kinh tế, văn hóa, giáo dục và xã hội... vừa cấp tiến vừa bền vững.



+  Trung tâm thương mại chuyên nghiệp, thỏa sức mua sắm

+  Hệ thống an ninh an tâm

+  Vườn cây xanh mát, yên bình

+  Nội thất cao cấp

+  Bể bơi thông minh

+  Không gian rộng rãi cho thể dục thể thao và trẻ em chơi

+  Sinh hoạt cộng đồng văn minh, ấm áp, v.v...

"The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization”.

"Nghệ thuật là mẹ của kiến trúc. Nếu không có một kiến trúc riêng cho mình, chúng ta cũng không có tâm hồn bên trong ta”.

Frank Lloyd Wright



No 28 Lot X3, Tran Huu Duc Str., Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi

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